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Charles Bridge at sunset

The famous Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic is a very busy place! I was on it just after dawn but even at that time, there were quite a number of people on it, especially a few Asian couples doing wedding / engagement shoots. Seems like the bridge is a popular spot for that kind of thing, especially with the Prague Castle in the background. And it is also very impressive at sunset, especially from the top of the Old Town Bridge Tower, where this picture was taken.


New York City lights

This is quite a popular viewpoint for photographers so I was quite surprised not to find anybody else taking pictures at this time. Don’t think it is very clear but on most of those posts, there is a perched seagull, silent and still, but I could feel their collective eyes watching every move I made and judging me constantly – quite an unnerving and eerie experience! I quite expected a scene out of The Birds (Hitchcock movie).


New York City Skyline at blue hour

I was rushing between one side of the bridge to the other, trying to cram all the sights so I missed out getting sunset pictures from this location. But the skyline and the buildings with the lights on against a bright blue sky at dusk turned out to be equally fantastic. And of course, it was a freezing cold night and I was literally (and I do mean literally) shivering, unable to keep my finger steady enough to press the shutter button! Well worth it though!