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Sunrise over London skyline

This was taken last week – I left home at about 5:30 am! It was freezing but thankfully no clouds and was treated to a beautiful sunrise. The tall building on the right is The Shard and the little box on left is the “Walkie Talkie” (yes that’s its nickname). This was taken from the Millenium bridge and in the distance, right in the center of picture, you can see Tower Bridge.


Reflections of Tower Bridge

It was a freezing, cold night but the skies were clear of clouds and not much wind which made the reflections stand out. Tried to get the light trails from a bus on the bridge as well but it is a bit too far to see clearly.


Light trails on Tower Bridge

At the time of taking the picture, I didn’t think that was a good image. I didn’t like the angle and the bright lights. But after looking at it on the computer screen, I liked how the light trails show the Union Jack colours.