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Royal Basilica of San Francisco el Grande

This is the amazing cupola from the Royal Basilica of San Francisco el Grande, a small but magnificent church in Madrid, Spain. The dome is supposed to be one of the largest of the christian churches. This picture does not do justice to the amazing colours and detail of the paintings. Everything in here was beautiful and serene and even though the tour was in Spanish, you get to see the interiors and more amazing paintings! A must do for any visit to Madrid.


Hot Apple Cider

After a long day’s walking around New York, we stopped over this cool restaurant / bar for some refreshments. This apple cider was delicious and being hot was perfect for the cold day!


The Jewel of the Alps

It was a beautiful sunshiny day on the last day of my trip to Innsbruck, Austria. We went up Nordkette mountain, which has been referred to the Jewel of the Alps. The journey itself, on a cable car through beautifully designed stations was an experience in itself, but the view from the top was just breathtaking!