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Changing of the guard

I was unlucky that the Royal Palace of Madrid was closed for an official function on the one day that I was in Madid, especially as it was one of the sights I was looking forward to seeing.

But I was quite lucky that I stumbled upon a special Changing of the Guard ceremony which happens only on the first Wednesday of the month and lasts for an hour. I did not know about the event nor of the time and I was quite glad I got to witness it as it is an impressive ritual.

You lose some… but you also get to win some!


Dusk approaches in NYC

This was shot while walking towards the Brooklyn Bridge walkway just after the sun had set and the lights were coming on. The building in the middle is the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse and the on the left is the David N. Dinkins Municipal Building.


Warp Speed

Standing in the middle of road while buses whizzed past and trying to take a long exposure is an interesting experience!