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Fifth Avenue Clock

Another shot of the 5th Avenue clock and the Flatiron building in New York. The clock was a landmark for the Fifth Avenue Building which is now the Toy Center, a complex of buildings that now are hub for toy manufacturers and distributors in the US.


New York City lights

This is quite a popular viewpoint for photographers so I was quite surprised not to find anybody else taking pictures at this time. Don’t think it is very clear but on most of those posts, there is a perched seagull, silent and still, but I could feel their collective eyes watching every move I made and judging me constantly – quite an unnerving and eerie experience! I quite expected a scene out of The Birds (Hitchcock movie).


New York City Skyline at blue hour

I was rushing between one side of the bridge to the other, trying to cram all the sights so I missed out getting sunset pictures from this location. But the skyline and the buildings with the lights on against a bright blue sky at dusk turned out to be equally fantastic. And of course, it was a freezing cold night and I was literally (and I do mean literally) shivering, unable to keep my finger steady enough to press the shutter button! Well worth it though!