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Maleficent – Disney 25th Anniversary Parade!

Another from the Disneyland Paris trip – this time a fire breathing mechanical dragon from the special 25th Anniversary Parade. A spectacular sight, the float measures 35 feet and is a steam punk inspired version of the dragon from Sleeping Beauty.

Side note – I couldn’t get a shot of the actual fire from this angle so had to add these in from other shots I took. I made it look as if it comes out of it’s nose but the actual float has the fire coming out of it’s mouth!


C is for Curiosity

It’s never easy trying to get a 6 year old to pose for a concept photograph. Especially one that has ants in her pants. I was trying to get this picture to show how curious she is of stuff. Her little mind absorbs stuff like a sponge and constantly amazes me with the amount of knowledge she retains.