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Standing still at Grand Central

Grand Central Terminal is a hub of activity with people either walking very fast or running. You can quite quickly say the who the tourists are because they are the ones who stand still for more than a minute while they gawk in awe.


Maleficent – Disney 25th Anniversary Parade!

Another from the Disneyland Paris trip – this time a fire breathing mechanical dragon from the special 25th Anniversary Parade. A spectacular sight, the float measures 35 feet and is a steam punk inspired version of the dragon from Sleeping Beauty.

Side note – I couldn’t get a shot of the actual fire from this angle so had to add these in from other shots I took. I made it look as if it comes out of it’s nose but the actual float has the fire coming out of it’s mouth!


C is for Curiosity

It’s never easy trying to get a 6 year old to pose for a concept photograph. Especially one that has ants in her pants. I was trying to get this picture to show how curious she is of stuff. Her little mind absorbs stuff like a sponge and constantly amazes me with the amount of knowledge she retains.