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Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Bridge

I was hoping to get a beautiful sunset from this bridge but it was so cloudy that the sun was hidden and the colours muted. So settled for the blue hour and some light trails. Needless to say, it was freezing cold and wind on the bridge was not helping one bit. It was also fun dodging the speeding cyclists while I struggled with carrying the tripod on some of the narrower sections.


New York, New York

A very common scene of yellow cabs in New York, whizzing past the tall skyscrapers. However, these ones look a bit more modern than the ones shown in the movies!


One small smile can change your world

I loved this statement at the West End Theater Trafalgar Studios. For some reason, this image resonates with me and I like a lot of things about it. In addition to the statement, I love the reflection of the bright lights on the wet road, the gap between the vehicles showing the full theater entrance, the big red lips at the entrance, the people walking on the side, the bright street lamp, the bold sign on top, etc.