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Dubai Marina

So many amazing buildings around the Dubai Marina. Dubai is a fascinating city – whilst it might lack the old school charm and heritage that most European cities have, it has it’s own unique features that make it well worth a visit. Most cities are built out of the past but Dubai is definitely built for the future.

The twin buildings right in the center of this image are the Grosvenor House Hotel buildings.

Burj Al Arab

This iconic building needs no explanation nor detail – it’s so famous! If you don’t know about it, you should definitely google it – there are so many amazing facts that can’t be listed here. The last time I was in Dubai I missed out going to Jumeirah Beach and seeing this in hotel in person so this time I made sure to get there – even if it was at 1am in the morning.

It was a very foggy and misty night and the sky was very dull so I enhanced it with a stock photo of the milky way in photoshop.