Author: Riyazi Muzammil

All lit up

Still on the Atomium, this time a close up view with the lights on. The LED were installed as part of the renovations in 2006. The lights came on relatively late, around 10:30 pm. Though there were very few people around, you could hear a collective and appreciative "wow" when it was lit up.

Atomium II

Constructed as a key attraction for the 1958 World Fair, it was an amazing engineering and construction achievement. featuring the fastest elevator and longest escalator at that time. It was planned to be dismantled after the fair but it was such a popular feature that it was left standing year on year. However, over the years, very little maintenance was done so it was quite deteriorated until in 2004 it was closed for renovation. It was reopened in 2006 after €26 million worth of renovation.


This is the Atomium, an amazing and fascinating structure in Brussels, Belgium. It’s designed to represent the shape of an iron crystal cell magnified 165 billion times and was constructed for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair (Expo 58). it’s 102 m tall and the spheres house exhibitions, galleries and a restaurant in the top one! Even though CNN called it Europe’s most bizarre building, I was entranced by it’s design and architecture as it provided a different shape when viewed from different points / locations. I spent a lot of time photographing this so expect a lot more images soon.