Month: January 2018

C is for Curiosity

It’s never easy trying to get a 6 year old to pose for a concept photograph. Especially one that has ants in her pants. I was trying to get this picture to show how curious she is of stuff. Her little mind absorbs stuff like a sponge and constantly amazes me with the amount of knowledge she retains.


One small smile can change your world

I loved this statement at the West End Theater Trafalgar Studios. For some reason, this image resonates with me and I like a lot of things about it. In addition to the statement, I love the reflection of the bright lights on the wet road, the gap between the vehicles showing the full theater entrance, the big red lips at the entrance, the people walking on the side, the bright street lamp, the bold sign on top, etc.


Light trails on Westminster Abbey

This was the highlight of the London Lumiere festival for me. The bright, changing colours on the facade made the sculptures and intricate design feel almost “alive”. After trying to get a picture with the crowds at the entrance, I crossed the road, stuck the camera in between steel rods of a road sign and got long exposures with the iconic London Bus light trails. Glad I didn’t lug a tripod as I was able to make use of other objects to stabilize the camera – not ideal for composition but much more easier on my shoulder!